5 NOVEMBER 1870, Page 2

Lord Granville's reply to Count Bernstorff on the question of

our neutrality is extremely courteous, neat, and conclusive. He meets every point in the Prussian Minister's despatch, and answers it with a completeness which scarcely leaves room for rejoinder. On one point his criticism is significant,—that while these com- plaints have been addressed to us, no similar complaints have been. as yet addressed to Count Bernstorff's colleague in the United States, although the line taken by America on the subject has. been precisely the same as ours. We suppose that Count Bis- marck may perhaps reply that in diplomacy America is the spoiled child of the nations, and may do almost what she pleases. But perhaps it would be truer to say that he wants her sym- pathy to keep us in check, and has been too much absorbed in:. sympathizing with the wrongs of America as to the Alabama to- find any time for complaining of her exports of arms to France.