5 NOVEMBER 1870, Page 3

A letter to the Allgemeine Zeitung gives a curious illustration

of the popular resistance to annexation which is likely to be ex- perienced in Lorraine and Alsace. A police commissioner, it says, who has 18 or 20 villages under his control, has to make a daily 'circuit of 18 or 20 miles, and can go nowhere without an escort of :Uhlans. It is added that the political officials in Alsace and Lorraine are quite cut off from political news, for they do not know any place in which to order newspapers except Alexandre's, at Strasburg, "to whom, of course, they could not send." In other words, we suppose, Alexandre, of Stras- burg, will not supply the German officials at all. The distin- guished correspondent of the Times, already referred to, who has -suggested that, after the annexation, all who don't like being Ger- mans can continue to reside where they are as resident foreigners, —as Frenchmen abroad—will be a little perplexed if it turns out that the natives stand to the resident foreigners as perhaps one to eve.