5 NOVEMBER 1870, Page 3

Gambetta was perfectly right in his vote of thanks to

Chateau- dun. It appears from an official German report, analyzed by the Berlin correspondent of the Times, that General Wittich was -opposed there by 4,000 Gardes Mobiles, who regularly barricaded the gates, throwing up earthworks five feet high, backed with stones and felled trees. After eight hours' bombarding the Ger- -Mane advanced to the attack, but were driven back, till General Wittich ordered them to beat in the side-walls of the houses, and so advance from house to house. The French, however, fought from house to house, and it was not till half the defenders had been -captured, and the other half slain, and two-thirds of the place destroyed, that Chateaudun was given up. If every place in France had been thus defended, the Germans would be scarcely out of Champagne yet.