5 NOVEMBER 1870, Page 3

Somebody professes to have found out how to add a

cubit, or, at any rate, some portion of a cubit, to the stature, in spite of the Bible, and has published this remarkable advertisement :— 0 SHORT PERSONS.—Anyone (Male or Female) wishing

to increase in Height and Symmetry of Figure, by means of a remarkable physiological discovery, may send a stamped directed envelope to Captain F. STAFFORD (US.), Church Terrace, Kentish Town, London, N.W.

Captain F. Stafford (U. S.) has certainly made a very remarkable physiological discovery, but why limit the advantages of it to short persons? Surely he has not discovered something which will make short persons grow, but have no effect on tall persons? If he is able to gratify the :wish of short persons to be of middle height, he must be able to gratify the wish of persons of middle height to be tall, and of tall persons to be relatively taller,—after effecting which we fear that short persons (who appear to be the particular objects of the compassion of Captain Stafford (U. S.) will be very much where they were before.