5 NOVEMBER 1881, Page 12



Sia,—I am obliged to you for describing the evidence which you regard as having been brought to light since the Ridsdale case was argued, and as being conclusive against the judgment. You will allow me, I hope, to discuss this evidence within moderate limits. I have no difficulty in recognising the " declarations " indicated under four of your five heads. As regards (1) the proved use of the condemned vestments after the Advertisements, I presume that you refer to the evidence which Mr. MacColl has produced under this head. But it would be more satisfactory, if you would give the particular instances of this use on which you rely. They would not take up much of your space, nor need you fear a reply of any [If our correspondent would refer to "The Chronicles of the Collegiate Church or Free Chapel of All Saints, Derby" (Bemrose and Son), reviewed by us on September 10th, he would find what he wants.—En. Spectator.]