5 NOVEMBER 1881, Page 2

Lord Randolph Churchill outdid himself at Hull on Monday night,

in his vilification of the Government ; and it takes a good deal for Lord Randolph Churchill to outdo himself in that way, for he has not unfrequently reached a point beyond the mark of either Mr. Lowther or Lord Salisbury. Mr. Gladstone, in opening his original campaign against Lord Beaconsfield's Government, deliberately joined forces with Mr. Parnell,—says Lord Randolph,—in order to secure a victory. For this purpose, he was compelled to prepare the way ior a kind of Irish Land Bill satisfactory to the Land League ; and in order to do this, he did all in his power to excite the Irish, "winked at" murders and mutilations, and snubbed the Irish Magistrates when they ventured to remonstrate. "The object of all this was to educate the English mind to the necessity of heroic remedies." When this had been sufficiently effected, coercion was proposed, the Government "professing alarm" at the state of Ireland, and "pretending" to discover for the first time the true character of the Land League. After the " kick " of coercion, came "the caress of the Land Act," "and the gospel of plunder received the Royal assent ;" and so on, indefinitely. Mr. Gladstone and his colleagues having turned away the hearts of the people from Lord Beaconsfield," by slander, by misrepresentation, often by positive falsehood," are now disintegrating the Empire, extinguishing our commerce, driving away our labour, skilled and unskilled, to other lands, and incurring the deep condemnation of pos- terity for their inextinguishable lust of temporary renown ! With only a little lass superficial education, Lord Randolph would have made as excellent war correspondent for the "Rowdy

Journal," and described Mr. Gladstone's Government as "the Hydra of Corruption, grovelling in the dust before the lance of Reason, and spouting up into the universal arch above us its sanguinary gore." As far as we can see, Hull listened meekly to Lord Randolph's savage and credulous imputations.