5 NOVEMBER 1881, Page 2

Sir Wilfrid Lawson also made a speech on Mr. Percy

Wynd- ham's retirement from the representation of West Cumberland, Sir Wilfrid being himself the Liberal candidate who is anxious to replace him, and having gallantly resigned his perfectly sure seat at Carlisle for that purpose. Sir Wilfrid could not under- stand Mr. Percy Wyndham's "happy despatch," and regarded it as a strategical move to anticipate defeat at the next elec- tion. He quoted the lines :—

" The toads went flop, the frogs went hop, Slap-dash into the water ; And the beasts committed suicide, To save themselves from slaughter."

That, in his belief, expressed succinctly Mr. Percy Wyndham's motive in resigning, and he hoped that West Cumberland would verify it, by showing Mr. Wyndham that he had saved himself from certain slaughter by his political suicide. West Cumber- laud has now an admirable chance of regaining the seat lost to a Lowther in North Lincolnshire.