5 NOVEMBER 1881, Page 2

Unfortunately for Mr. Gieen,—fortunately, perhaps, for the prospects of our

ecclesiastical law,—the hope of getting Mr.. Green out of prison seems to have vanished. The Bishop of Manchester states that Mr. Green is not willing to promise any such alteration of his ritual practices as could be construed into. a submission to the Ecclesiastical Court by which he was con- demned, and therefore that the punishment inflicted for his con- tempt of court cannot be remitted. We heartily regret the con- tinued injustice to Mr. Green,—whose real parishioners were more than content with his ministrations, and who has not broken the law more certainly than his superiors,— but we do hope that this scandal may bring statesmen to see how great a blunder was committed when a special Act was passed "to put down Ritual- ism," in an Establishment the very condition of whose existence is a large and tolerant spirit of comprehension.