5 NOVEMBER 1881, Page 20


The Atlas Geography. By A. H. Macdonell. (H. K. Lewis.) —This is a very useful little book, intended to supply English children with their first lessons in geography, without the neces- sity of turning to any other atlas than that which is contained in their lesson-book. Each of the nine maps it contains is given in blank outline, as well as with all the names filled in, so that the child, after learning its first lesson as to the shape and localities of the various continents, may turn to the blank map, and exercise him- self by pointing out the site on the blank map of any given place, or the course on it of any given river or mountain chain. The information given as to each map is, of course, very much con- densed, but will serve as the headings of what the teacher may so fill out as to make the lessons full of interest. The maps given are those of the World, Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, North America, South America, the British Isles, and Ancient Palestine,—just the selection which for an English beginner in geography is most desirable.