5 NOVEMBER 1881, Page 21

Ward and Locke's Home Book : a Domestic Cyclopoqia. (Ward

and Lock.)—This book is intended to teach us how we may build our 'house, may furnish it, may live in it, how we are to dress ourselves, manage our children, and behave to our friends. The serious busi- ness of life being thus provided for, we receive instruction as to how we are to deal sith our leisure hours, being furnished with the description of every variety of game. There are, of course, many things with which we do not profess to be acquainted, and many on which opinions vary; but when we come to the games, we touch ground. The "ground plan" of the lawn-tennis court is the now obsolete " hour-glass " shape, the measurements are not those agreed upon at the last revision of the rules, and the essential point of the weight of the balls is not correctly given. This part, in fact, has been, it seems, reprinted without correction. We see, by the way, no date on the title-page, and are quite at a loss to say what is new and what is old in the book. Doubtless, there is much to be learnt from it ; only, the reader must not try to imitate in actual dwellings the colouring of the illustrations.