5 NOVEMBER 1881, Page 22

Haydn's Dictionary of Dates. Edited by B. Vincent. (Ward, Lock,

and Co.)—This is the seventeenth edition of one of the most valuable and useful reference-books published, and it is corrected up to the autumn of the present year. As an instance of the completeness of the revision and the freshness of the new matter, the dates of the death of General Garfield and of the appointment of General Arthur as his successor are to be found in the classified contents ; while the more important later events that have occurred daring the printing of this edition are recorded in the addenda. We are pleased to ob- serve that in making room for the records of the past three years (the sixteenth edition was published in 1878), judicious compression has been resorted to, in preference to using smaller type, the present edition, nevertheless, containing some fifty more pages than the last. The arrangement and get-up of the work are creditable to the editor, publishers, and printer.