5 NOVEMBER 1881, Page 3

On Thursday, Sir W. R. Anson, D.C.L., was elected Warden

of All Souls'. He is a learned lawyer, as well as a baronet, and the latter distinction is said to weigh with-the Fellows of All Souls' almost as much as the former. If the election were to proceed on the old principles, we do not see that any one calm find fault with so irreproachable a choice ; but we should have liked to see All Souls' entrusted with some serious duties, and Mr. Robarts's notion of connecting it specially with the Bodleian, and making it the special guardian and feeder of the great library, seems to us one of the best suggested. In that case, the election of some distinguished scholar, not necessarily a Fellow of All Souls',—sueh as Professor Max Mulles. for instance.— would have been a more suitable choice.