5 NOVEMBER 1881, Page 3

Rumours have arisen at Constantinople of a most serious re-

volution having broken out in Mecca. The Grand Shereef, who, as head of the sacred branch of the clan Koreish, has undoubt- edly, by Mussulman tradition, the best right to the Khalifate, has, it is said, proclaimed himself Khalif, and is recognised by many tribes. He has, at the same time, released Midhat Pasha, who was imprisoned in Tayib, and made him his Vizier. The effect of this step, if followed up by a victory in the field, would be to detach all Mussulmans in Arabia, Syria, Egypt, and North Africa from the Sultan, and indeed confine his authority to the rapidly decaying Ottoman caste. The news, however, though in accord with some news from Egypt, requires confirmation ; and, moreover, the Turks, who have long expected such a movement, may stamp it out at once. All that is certain as yet is that some explosion has occurred in Arabia, and that Turkish troops are being hurried down to meet it at once. It is needless to remark that if an Arab Khalif made good his footing, Egypt would be at once in anarchy, as El Arabi, the leader of the Egyptian Army, will take that side.