5 NOVEMBER 1881, Page 3

The Society for the Protection of Animals from Vivisection applied

to Sir James Ingham on Thursday for a summons against Professor Ferrier, of King's College, for a breach of the Vivisec- tion Act ; and the summons was granted, the allegation being that Professor Ferrier had, without any special licence, per- formed some of those painful vivisections which the Act only allows under special licence. We are, of course, quite unable as yet to say whether the allegations made will be proved, till we see the defence. 13ut we are very strongly s f opinion that the present Act, far from being too strong, is only adequate when strongly administered, and that in more than one case it has been administered far too loosely. We are glad, therefore, to see the Society for the Protection of Animals from Vivisec- tion vigilantly watching all cases of alleged breach of its provisions.