5 NOVEMBER 1927, Page 18


[To the Editor of the SPECTATOR.] SIR,—I wish to bring to your notice a Migration Bureau which has been set up to assist retired officers of the Semites, Civil Servants and others of moderate means, who find their incomes insufficient to meet the high cost of living in this ebuntry, and so wish to settle in one of the Dominions, where they can enjoy a good climate, a reasonable amount of social amenities,

and where their children will have a good prospect of a successful future.

It is to fill up this gap in the existing Migration system that the Overseas League has formed its Migration Bureau. Its organization consists of a Central Committee in London, with Major Bavin as Hon. Secretary, and on which sit Sir Henry Cowan, M.P., and representatives of the Services, and which is in close touch with the Dominion offices.

In the countries selected a series of Advisory Committees are formed consisting of prominent settlers who have no interest in the business of immigration, or in the sale of land, and whose work Js of an entirely honorary nature, the sole incentive being to welcome to their community the type of settler who would be an undoubted asset. It is the business of an Advisory Committee :-

(1) To draft a, comprehensive report on all conditions and pros- pects in their areas which would be of interest to the intending settler.

(2) To advise on the questionnaires about each inquirer for- warded by the Central Bureau.

(3) To welcome newcomers and give them disinterested advice and help to facilitate their satisfactory settlement.

The office is situated in the Overseas Club House, 4 Park Place, St. James's Street, S.W., where all inquirers are inter- viewed. The information received from the Advisory Com- mittee, which purports to be of a fuller and more personal nature than that obtainable from Government publications, is received here, and both reports from the Committees and letters from individual members are available for the prospective settler.-r•

I am, Sir, &c., R. W. LISLE • CARR, Overseas League Migration Bureau, . Assistant Secretary,

Vernon House, Park Place, St. James's Street, London, S.Tfr. 1.