5 NOVEMBER 1927, Page 20


[To the Editor of the SrEcreeron.]

Sica,—If I am not wrong, the " et " in such a Norwegian word as Vinmonopolet (see article on " Drink Legislation " in the Spectator for September 17th) represents the definite article " the."

If so, to write, as your contributor does, of " the Vinmonopolet " is surely wrong. " The Vinmonopol " would be more correct, and, moreover, would not disguise the word for English readers.

In editing the English editions of Baedeker's Scandinavian Handbooks, I always adhered to this rule. Torg (e.g.) is the Swedish word for market-place ; Torget means " the " market- place. Thus, while I might give the address of an hotel as " Torget, No. 17," I always wrote of " the Torg,."—I am,