5 NOVEMBER 1927, Page 21

During the past month the books most in demand at

The Times Book Club have been :-

FICTION :—Kitty, by Warwick Dceping ; Flamingo, by Mary Borden ; The Bacchante and the Nun, by Robert Flichens ; Vestal Fire, by Compton Mackenzie ; The Quest of Youth, by Jeffery Farnol ; Among Those Sailing, by Cosmo Hamilton ; Jane Carroll, by E. Temple Thurston ; These Men, Thy Friends, by Edward Thompson.

Norr-Frorrou :—Field-Marshal Sir Henry Wilson, His Life and Diaries, by Major-General Sir C. E. Callwell, K.C.B. ; The Charm of Birds, by Viscount Grey of Fallodon ; Law, Life and Letters, by the Earl of Birkenhead ; Impressions and Memories, by Lord Ribblesdale ; Life, Journalism and Politics, by J. A. Spender ; Jungle Paths and Inca Ruins, by William Montgomery McGovern ; Fifty Years in a Changing World, by Sir Valentine Chiral.

* * * *