5 NOVEMBER 1927, Page 21

Messrs. Benn's excellent Sixpenny Library has recently issued the following

:—Trade, by Sir Ernest Benn ; Nelson, by Sir George Aston ; The Religions of the World, by Mr. C. C. Martindale ; Man in the Making, by Mr. R. R. Marett ; English Literature, by Mr. C. H. Herford ; The Papacy, by Mr. A. L. Maycock ; Sir Isaac Newton, by Mr. V. E. Pullin ; Myths of Greece and Rome, by Miss Jane Harrison ; A History of Russia, by Prince D. S. Mirsky ; French Literature, by Maurice Baring ; A History of China, by Professor W. E. Soothill ; The Stars, by Dr. George Forbes. In this all-too- limited space we can but mention Dr. Forbes's vivid picture of a crimson sun setting and an emerald one dawning on some other world. When a blue SUIT eclipses a red, the land- scape of Gamma in Andromeda, for instance, must be remarkable indeed. But the most interesting of all these pamphlets is unquestionably Sir Ernest Benn's own con- tribution on Trade ; to it we must devote one more paragraph.

* * * *