5 NOVEMBER 1927, Page 21

We have had nothing more sound, sensible and at the

same time constructive on the subject of the revival of the country than Rural Life (Longmans, 3s. Od.), a report drawn up by the so-called Copec Continuation ComMittee. Its activities grew from the Conference on Christian politics, economics

and citizenship held in Birmingham in 1924. Perhaps its excellence is due as much to the participation of women in the work of the commission as to the co-operation of the churches, for at the moment women are playing a great part in the revival of the village Agriculturally the commission came down in favour of co-operation, of small holdings and of credit facilities. The strictly farming issue is adequately dealt with ; and the essential successfully extracted from the incidental. But the best things said concern the more human and domestic side : on homes, hygiene, social relations, leisure, industries, education and even art.

* * * *