5 NOVEMBER 1927, Page 21

What does a normal man do in a normal day

? Sir Ernest asks us to consider the doings of a bank clerk from the moment he wakes, with his head on a feather pillow, to the time when he dons his pyjamas and switches out the light. Scarcely a thought or action in the whole of his day would have passed through his mind, or have been done, or existed, two hundred years ago. " Trade has not only produced the bank clerk himself, but it has produced everything that he does and touches and thinks." Its possibilities are boundless. Providing everyone with a warm bath on these islands, for instance, expressed in terms of trade, is equivalent to an order for £100,000,000. There need be no unemploy- ment in England, or anywhere on earth, provided we use our resources and energies aright. Sir Ernest has a vivid style and an uncommon power of making hard things plain.

* * * *