5 OCTOBER 1878, Page 1


THE latest telegrams from India are published in the Daily News and Standard, and are both of October 3rd. According to the former, which is dated Kussowlee, the nearest station to Simla, and consists of a single line, the " movement against Cabul will take place immediately." According, however, to the latter, this " movement" is only the movement through the Bolan and Quettah on Candahar, of which we have spoken elsewhere, though it may be supported by a second movement up to the entrance of the Khyber. This correspondent, who is at Simla, expresses a belief that the Afghan Sirdars are friendly to England, and that Shere Ali may be resisted from within, a result of our threats which will enable us to " impose any terms we please." This ex. pectation is evidently very strong in Lord Lytton's councils, and arises from the confidence placed in the reports of exiles and men at variance with Shere Ali. Such men hear every whisper of discontent, and in every country are apt to believe that dis- content means mutiny. It is, we fear, under an illusory hope that Lord Lytton is pushing on to Candahar.