5 OCTOBER 1878, Page 14



SIR,—In your issue of the 28th ult. you draw attention to the Act recently passed prohibiting any newspaper reports of weights and measures other than Imperial, and you rightly mention the hardship which such a step will necessarily occasion. I am of opinion that much more good might be accomplished if all betting-lists and advice upon horse-racing were forbidden, under a heavy penalty.

I need not dwell at length upon the vast amount of harm that at present results from so much encouragement being given to gambling by the daily publication of the " odds " and " tips." It is a fact patent to all that thousands are ruined annually from this very cause. If her Majesty's Government would take the matter in hand, and do all in their power to stop this crying evil, they would deservedly gain the thanks of all right-thinking men.

Soliciting your powerful aid,—I am, Sir, &c., X. B.