5 OCTOBER 1878, Page 2

The Albanian League has completely thrown off the authority of

the Sultan. The leaders have organised a militia of 45,000 men, and demand that the three districts of Scutari, Kossovo, and Janina should be formed into one province, to be governed by Albanian Committees, elected by universal suffrage. They say they will not give up Podgoritza to the Montenegrins, or yield in any way to Austria, and fears are entertained for the safety of the Austrian Consulate at Scutari The effect of this uprising will be to compel Prince Nikita to come to some definite arrangement either with Austria or Italy, probably the former. With 50,000 weapons of precision, he and his Montenegrins, aided by the Miridites, or Catholic Albanians, and the Suliotes, or Greek Albanians, will be quite able to restore order to Albania, and perhaps to include the Albanians among his subjects. They are very brave and fanatic, but they cannot hope to maintain a complete independence against Austria, Greece, and Montenegro alike.