5 OCTOBER 1878, Page 24

We have received Poetical Leaflets for the Sorrowing, by G.

Washing. ton Moon (Hatchards), suitable for distribution by district visitors.— The Religions Tract Society send us a collection of pretty and tastefully illustrated and illuminated cards, including Christmas and New Year's cards, and the majority of them are very appropriate for the purpose for which they are intended,—viz., Sunday-school reward-tickets. The designs are mostly of a floral character, and the colours are as natural as one can fairly expect.—Part IV. of A Dictionary of Music and Musicians, edited by George Grove, D.C.L. (Macmillan), a work which promises, when complete, to be one of the best of the kind extant —No. I. of Lives of the Cardinals, by P. J. O'Byrne (Roland, Ladelle, and Co.), which gives a condensed bio- graphical notice of Cardinal Pecci, Pope Leo XIII, and a lithograph portrait.