5 OCTOBER 1934, Page 17

Snowdonia as a Park

Snowdonia is unique and is very approachable, at any rate from the Llanberis base. its botanical riches are enclosed within. a narrow circle and as such are peculiarly liable to desecration, though the greatest treasure of all is protected by its inaccessibility. The surest pledge of the preservation of its character, botanically and in other ways, is perhaps its conversion into a National Park, according to the urgency of Mr. Abercrombie, Sir Lawrence Chubb, and Mr. Clough Williams-Ellis, who expressed their views on preserva- tion with no little vigour before the Alpine Garden Society both at Llanberis and at Port Meirion (described as '• the seaside village with a conscience "). The Welsh Preservation Council have several suggestions; and the county sometimes known as " Little England beyond Wales " is a possible alternative, but Snowdonia is much the best fitted to be a British Banff or Yellowstone Park. The idea of a Notional Park should be a place where the public may have easy access to particular spaces of wild beauty, beyond which is a hinter- land where bird and beast and plant may be strictly protected both from careless enemies and greedy or foolish votaries.