5 OCTOBER 1934, Page 19

CLYDE v. TYNE - [To the Editor of THE SPECTATOR.]

Sin,—At a time when controversy is raging over the question of Clyde v. Tyne as the birthplace of the sister-ship to the newly-launched Queen Mary,' is it permissible to compare the conditions prevailing in the two areas?

On Clydeside a number of warships are being built. For conditions on Tyneside, may I be allowed to quote a remark- able book, I was a Tramp, by John Brown, a graduate of Ruskin College, Oxford ? Mr. Brown writes of a recent visit to the Tyne area : " I obtained a few samples of household budgets, - and they made interesting reading. Here is one of a man and wife who were spending 5s. Md. a week on food : Flour .. Yeast .. Cocoa .. Bacon, t lb. ..

Salt and pepper Milk, 1 tin .. Tea

Sugar, 1 lb. .. Butter, f lb. .. Margarine, 4 lb. Potatoes ..

Onions ..

Meat ..

Lard .. Apples .. Bisto

Mr. Brown quotes other cases of households of seven persons living on 16s. a week.

By awarding the contract for s.s. 535 to Clydeside, we are told that a saving of £300,000 will be effected. In such circumstances, and. in view of our national expenditure, is it worth it ?—I am, Sir, your obedient servant,

s. d.

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