5 OCTOBER 1934, Page 2

Peace in the Balkans The visit of the King and

Queen of Yugoslavia to Sofia, following the visit of the Bulgarian King to Belgrade last December, has been a remarkable success, and seals the great improvement between two countries whose long hostility has been a cause of much of the trouble in the Balkans. Bulgaria is to be congratulated in facing her problem in a realistic spirit. The partition of Macedonia after the second Balkan War had the effect of cutting off from Bulgaria much territory inhabited by Macedonian Bulgars ; and of course the Great War did not help her. Until recently the Macedonian Revo- lutionary Organization, with its headquarters on Bulgarian territory, has not ceased its activities in Yugoslavia. But this year the Bulgarian Government has had the courage to deal sternly with these ruthless komitadjis, and its success in suppressing them has paved the way for a real entente with the neighbouring country. Yugo- slavia on her part is disposed to deal gently with Macedonians on her soil who have been implicated in the revolutionary movement. Traffic points on the frontier are to be opened up and inter-communication made easier. Nothing could be more promising for the future peace of the. Balkans than a stable understanding between the two Governments, each of which has the task of governing a section of Macedonia.