5 OCTOBER 1934, Page 3

The Attack on Overcrowding To enlist the full support of

the local authorities is an important part of' the comprehensive housing pro- gramme that the Minister of Health has undertaken. In beginning a new tour of the country at Plymouth, Sir Hilton Young made a statement developing more fully his legislative proposals for dealing with over- crowding. Under the Bill which he is preparing over- crowding will be defined and made an offence, and it will be the duty of a local authority to provide additional 'accommodation in or near the overcrowded area to take the displaced tenants. A subsidy is offered. Prefer- ence is to be given to tenants whose need is greatest. Management commissioners may be set up to give continuous attention to dwellings provided. The housing council, of which Sir Hilton Young spoke, will, it appears, be only an advisory body subordinate to the Ministry, and must not be regarded as in any sense a substitute for a National Housing Corporation. The Minister is now clearly, committed to entrusting this new and vast work to the local authorities. It is not the best method, but the best must be made of it. It is likely to be expen- sive, unless there is the utmost vigilance in guarding against the raising of prices. On this matter at least the Minister is forewarned.