5 OCTOBER 1934, Page 36


It would seem that trade has to be very bad before the companies which cater for amusements feel the pinch. The preliminary statement of the Gaumont-British Picture Cor- poration shows that for the financial year ended March 31st last the amount available for Ordinary dividend was £344,875, compared with £304,455 last year. A final dividend of 4 per cent. is recommended, making_ 7 per cent. for the year, while the amount carried forward is £184,875, against £129,455 a year ago. The dividend is the same as last year. A year ago, however, a bonus distribution was made of 20 per cent. in " A " shares, so that this dividend is now maintained on the larger capital. The " A " Ordinary shares of 5s. of Gaumont-British now stand at about 12s. 6d., and on the basis of the 7 per cent. dividend the yield to the investor is approximately only about £3 7s. per cent., the high price being no doubt brought about by hopes of further bonuses.

* *