5 SEPTEMBER 1835, Page 12

Cbe Ilietropoitst.

Ilireetings to petition Parliament to reject the alterations of the Peers in the Municipal Bill have been held during the week, in the Tower .Hamlets, the Ward of Portsoken, the parishes of St. James, St. Mar- garet, St. George in the East, and other parts of the Metropolis and the adjoining districts. At all these meetings there was but one feel- ing of indignation at the contemptuous treatment of the People by the Peers.

A meeting of the Grand Orange Lodge was held on Tuesday, at the residence of Lord Kenyon, the Deputy Grand Master, in Portman Square. The Duke of Cumberland presided ; and, according to an account of the proceedings published in several of the papers, but whose correctness cannot be relied on, the " Illustrious" Duke again averred his ignorance of the existence of Orange Lodges in the Army; and stated, that although he could not see bow societies whose principles were so excellent could do harm any where, be had caused all the war- rants under which Ledges were held to be annulled. He complained bitterly of the attacks which bad been made on his character ; and de- nounced some secret traitor, who bad divulged the proceedings of the Orangemen. He disapproved of Colonel Fairman's running away ; but declared that he would himself have resisted any attempts to search his house under a House of Commons' warrant. Old Lord Wynford, who has not been able to take his seat this session in the House of Peers, left a sick bed to attend the meeting. He proposed a string of resolutions eulogistic of the conduct of the Duke of Cumberland: The Duke, in reply, declared, that although he was about to "retire Into the bosom of his family" on the Continent, he would at any time when "duty called" return to England. Mr. Randle Plunket and Colonel Verner each delivered speeches of some length. A vote of thanks was passed to Lord Kenyon, and the meeting broke up.

A meeting of the creditors of Mr. Richard Mee Raikes, late Governor of the Bank of England, was held on Saturday; when the Hiniloostan Insurance Company appeared by its Secretary, and proved to the amount of 12,000/., making a total sum of various debts already entered against the estate of 68,355/. as. 9d. The Commissioner was informed, that in consequence of several other proofs being expected from India, no further dividend could be declared on the old proofs. The balance in hand, however, was more than sufficient to pay a divi- dend of three shillings in the pound upon the new proofs; thus placing the old and new creditors, who have proved their debts, upon the same footing. The dividend was declared on the new proofs.

Bartholomew Fair was opened on Thursday, by the Lord Mayor and other civic authorities. After the necessary forms had been gone through, the usual amusements commenced.