5 SEPTEMBER 1835, Page 14

Last night, the Duke of WELLINGTON stated without reserve, that

lie bad assigned to Lord LYNDHURST the duty of superintending the mangling of the Municipal Bill in the House of Peers. It is also known, that at the Duke's bidding, PEEL left town, when it was found necessary to give way to the more violent of the Tory Peers. But WELLINGTON pursues the same tactics in Parliamentary as in the Peninsular warfare—he retreats in good order when he is unable with- out too great loss to maintain his ground, but is ever on the watch to regain his lost position. With this view, he summoned his " man" again to town on Monday ; the sagacious Mr. BILLY HOLMES having advised that the time was come when he could be of use. PEEL did his master's bidding, and is again among his Tam- worth friends,—well-pleased, no doubt, at having obtained leave of absence; for bitterly do the hearty Tories revile him for spoiling their work—" renegade" and" Radical" as he is in their eyes. Thus it appears, that after all, the Duhe is the master, and LYNDHURST and PEEL, each in his separate sphere, only execute his commands.