5 SEPTEMBER 1840, Page 1

The affairs of the East are assuming a more interesting

cha- racter. The refusal of MensnarET .Ar.r to accept the ultimatum of the four combined Powers, which was last week only conjectured, has been confirmed by letters from Alexandria, of the 17th August. The British merchants and residents at Alexandria called on Colonel llooces, the Consul-General, to inform them what course it was intended to adopt ; when he told them to arrange their affairs, to limit their credits, and to be prepared for the worst. The Rassian Consul also has given the same advice to his countrymen at Alexandria. The. Pasha was continuing his warlike prepara- tions with vigour ; determined, as it appears, to resist to the utmost any attempt to wrest from him his present possessions. The Sultan is also preparing for war, and had assembled 36,000 of his best troOps in Constantinople, to prevent Russia from having any excuse for undertaking the guardianship of that capital.