5 SEPTEMBER 1840, Page 10

Covent Garen opens on Monday, with the same company as

before, one or two unimportant changes excepted. The play is the Nereo 1 Vices the ru-st dellahtful of the SHAKSPERE representations under VESI his's management ; and the Sleeping Beauty, one of Ma- dame's prettiest fairy burlesque spectUcles, is the afterpiece. Lc es will introduce 3liss Fauns TREE on Tuesday ; and seine favourite dies will be repeated on the following nights, till SHERIDAN KM:" •ars's new play is produced, w hich it tv ill be with all speed. It is said to be founded on the horrors of' the Sicilian Vespers : we hope not, for mas- sacre is not a sul jeet for the drama. Will dramatists never leave the sanguinary vein 1. We wish KNOWLES would delight us with another of his genial c•-ane