5 SEPTEMBER 1840, Page 15



Trifle: from tity Portfolio; or Recollections of Seenes an.1 Small .1tIventures during Tweity•nitio Iettr;' Military Service in the Penitisolar War and Invasion of France, tbe East Indies, Campaign in Nepali!, St Ilelenn timing tie Detention anti until the Death id N.tpoleon. and Upper anti Lower Canada. By a 5t:11Y Surgeon. In

two vol. Veiton, Qmebee.

'Nes DvANIA,

'flat Works of Beaumont and Fletcher. With an Introdnetion by George 1)arley,

in two vol.; ......... .


Abridgnumt of Sir T. Vowel! ihixton's Work on the African 1:i.ve.tratle and its Remedy, with to explanatory ',Min, and an Appendix. Pablislted tinder the sort i u of the Society fur the Extinction uf the Slase•tratle anti fur the Civilizati It °rah tea. Ilurray. Tieemtwily, The 1,,!■• of \Squid; its pa,:t :Intl present Condition and intuit Prospects. By Robert Maine, Esti.. Author of " Hampshire,' 'The 11iti.11 Nara:nisi," .N:e. With a )Iap Ill-trialIll l l'opoarapliical Description of the CIEllinel Islands. By Itolpot Muilie, Eat. Nrith Maps anti l'iatcs Simp4in end Alqrshaf 1 .