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The Thames and its Trihutaries; or Rambles among the Rivers. By CHARLES MACK AV, Author of " The History of London," " The Hope of the World," &c. In two vols.

A Hand.Booh jhr Travellers in the Ionian Islands, Greece, Turkey, Asia Minor, and Constantinople; being a Guide to the principal routes in those comitries, including a description of Malta ; with maxims and hints for Travellers in the East. With index maps and plans.

Lives of the Queens of England, from the Norman Conquest ; with Anec- dotes of their Courts, now first published from official records and other authentic documents, private as well as public. By AUNES STRACK." LAND. Vol. 111.

The Isle of Wight ; its past and present Condition, and future Prospects. By Itontmr Mum:, Emus , Author of " Hampshire," &c.

Historical and Topographical Descriptam of the Channel islands. By Ronk:HT M u DIE, E j., Author of " Hampshire," ike.

Religion and :Education in America; with notices of the stole and pro- spects of American I 'ilitaxianism, Popery, and A friran Colonization. By Jaws DUNMORE LANG, D.D., Senior Minister of the Presbyteriau Church in New South Wales, &c.

The Invalid's Guide I,, Aladeira ; with a description of Teneriffe, Lisbon, Cintra, Nlafra Ikr., and a Vocabulary of the Portuguese and English Languages. By WIm,m.mAsm Wilms Conemi, SUINCOU to the Bon. Artillery Company. [A commonplace tale of the ad school, displaying no art and very little ability. The writer indicates that it is founded on facts. It is possible that some real occurrences may have suggested the idea of the novel to the writer's mind; but it is not every one that can make a transcript of nature ; and to select and combine her productions so as to form a work of art, is a much more difficult matter than merely to copy her, difficult as that is.]

Busby's Dietiona7 qf Musical Terms. Dibdin's Music Apitomized.

Jousse's Pocket Dictionary of Musical Terms.

[Reprints of well-known works; of which the first is by far the best. Dr. BUSBY was a good scholar as well as a musical graduate; and his Dictionary, for this reason, is a work of reference which may be generally relied on. The full meaning of many Italian words in common musical use, is often only par- tially understood by those who employ them. A short time since, we saw the word " perdendosi" translated, in an elementary work, " to play slower." No such errors can occur in Busirr's Dictionary : there are some errors, but of a different sort.] The Letters qf Horace Walpole, Earl of Orford : including numerous letters now first published from the original manuscripts. In six vols. Vol. V. 1765-1778.

[The titlepage tells that this collection is approaching its close, and bringing the reader amid scenes and persons which, it not contemporary with him, vere so to many of his contemporaries. The Letters are also beginning to show WALPOLE in his decline, and breathe the melancholy of infirmity and growing years. Perhaps these latter circumstances may have had an influence upon his vivacity : it appears to us that the descriptions are scarcely so lively as in the earlier volumes ; but his wit is more caustic and condensed.] Fragments of Voyages and Travels. By Captain BASIL HALL, R.N., F.R.S. Third series.

Eugene Aram; a Tale. By Sir E. L. BULWER, Bart., M.P., ALA. (Uni- form edition of Itulwer's Works.) Stagical, Operative, and Mechanical Dentistry. The substance of a series of Lectures delivered by L. CHARLES DE LOUDE, Surgeon-Dentist,

&c. With four plates, intended as a guide to young practitioners in the dental profession, medical students, and the public in general, so as to give them a theoretical and practical knowledge of dental operations,

the best means of preventing irregularities in children's teeth, eve. [A. series of lectures republished in the form of a treatise. They contain some isolated practical hints, the result of experience, and present a view of teeth, in all their stages, compiled from other authors. But the book has not sufficient novelty to require notice. The recipes in the appendix appear to consist of many ingredients.] Chivalry and charily; illustrated by the Lives of Bertrand du Guesclin and John Howard. (Under the superintendence of the Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge.) [A biographical contrast, designed to inculcate by example the superior virtues and usefulness of the philanthropist as compared with those of the warrior. The noble character of Du Guesclin, however, his brave and generous deeds, and spirit-stirring adventures, are so vividly depicted, while the memoir of Howard is a tame and meagre record of facts, that the excitement of the soldier's career is likely to dazzle the young reader into a preference of knightly heroism over active benevolence. The customs of feudal times, and the state of society among the Bretons of Normandy, are illustrated in a lively manner ; and a aketch of the history of the people is Qotiven in an appendix. The wood-cuts of costumes and implements of war are also instructive.] The Sermon on the Mount. Five Discourses, preached in Chelwood Church, by the Rev. RICHARD WARNER, Rector of Chelwood, Somer- set, &e.

Poems, Miwal and Miscellaneous, with a five Songs. By a Journeyman Mechanic.

The Philosophy of the Tull : containing a theory of the mechanical powers of the horse ; with tbrmuhe, rules, and directions, for application to practical use in calculating the speed of horses, with reference to age and weight ; and with suggestions of experiments for fixing an average scale of weights to be carried by race-horses of different ages.

A Manual qf Botany comprising vegetable anatomy and physiology, or the structure and functions of plants. By Witt,Ltat MAcciwavIZAY, A.M., &c.

[An excellent and useful compilation for the young botanist ; who, instead of being puzzled with a mere list of hard names, is shown the formation of plants, and the way in which their various organs contribute to the growth, nutri- ment, and reproduction of the species : the classification of plants will form the subject of another volume. The illustrative plates, sixteen in number, are from Smith's Introduction ; and the compiler has availed himself of the latest discoveries of other authors.] The Visiter's H«nd-Book for Cheltenham; containing brief notices of the Spas, Pump-rooms, and places of fashionable resort and amusement ; also of its churches, chapels, and yublic institutions; with chronological notices of events connected with its history.

[A useful and unpretending Guide-book, giving all requisite information for strangers in Cheltenham, in it plain and concise manner. The wood-cuts of the various churches, chapels, &c. are very effectively drawn.]

Conversations Daliennes et Franoises, il l'unge des jeunes demoiselles Anghtises et des maisons trialtteation. Par CtimtEEs AixtEni, Pro- fesseur de Langue Italienne.

Cookery made Easy; or the most plain and practical directions for pro- perly cooking and serving-up all sorts of provisions. Seconti edition, improved. By a Lady.

The Pastry-Gok's and CimActioner's Assistant : containing the most approved and choice receipts for malting 11.11 manner of pastry, patties, 8:e. By GEouGE hi CAD, Confectioner and Pastry-cook.

Desultory Sketches and Tedes of Barbados.


..POSion Letiers. Vol. L (Knight's English Miscellanies.) A T/77/i/Se On Agricultural and Dairy Husbandry. By JAMES JACKNON, Penieniek. Author of various Prize Essays of the IIighland and Agri- cultural Soviets of Scotland. (Copyright Work published in connexion with people's Editions.)

The journey- of England—Berkshirc.

British Bultitylies and their Transfiwmations. No. 11. Charles 0'..11alby. No. VI.

Asmodeus, the Devil on TWO Sticks. Newly translated by JOSEPH THOMAS ; intl'Ortaeti by TONV Jonas:Notts 'Part V. Thomas's Lill, of Napoleon. Part X VI.

The Works v'Jos,Thus. Translated by W. Wnistros, A. M. Part VI. Gideon Giles the Royer. By TII0MAS Mama:IL Parts Ill. IV. and V. The New Statistkal Aecount of Scotland. No. X X VII. Master Humphrey's Clock. Part V.

The New General Biographical Dictionary. Part VIIL Paul Periwinkle. Part XVI.

Poor Jack. No. IX.

Dictionary of the Art of Printing. By WILLIAM SAVAGE. No. V.

A Dictionary Geographical, Statistical, and Historical, of the various

Countries, Places, and principal Natural Objects in the World. By J. R. M‘CEELocn, Esq. Part VIL

nw Tower of London. Part IX.

The Arabian Nights' Entertainments. Translated by EDWARD Wife. LIAM LANE. Part XXVIII.


Birds-eye View of Port Nicholson, in New Zealand. Showing the site of

the town of Wellington, the river and valley of the Hutt, and adjacent country. Taken from the Charts and Drawings made during Colonel

'WAKEFIELD'S survey in October 1839, and now in possession of the New Zealand Company. Drawn and lithographed by T. ALLOM. [The expanse of country spread before the eye in this map-like picture be- speaks a land of promise, attractive to the emigrant. The bold and wooded shores, most picturesquely diversified, and indented hy numerous bays, form a natural harbour of immense extent; at the upper end of which, the fertile plains of a valley, watered by the windings of the Hutt, extend between moun- tainous ridges into the distance, till the snow-crowned summits of the higher range, towering above the horizon, shut the scene. The massing of the details and the aerial perspective are admirably managed.] .Picturesque Sketches in Scotland; being views of its more remarkable an- cient and modern edifices, lake and mountain scenery, &c. Part I. [Contains three well-chosen views, in tinted lithography,—namely, the Abbeys of :Melrose and Dryburgh, and Prince's Street, Ediliburgh ; the last showing the intended monument to WALTER SCOTT—a florid Gothic cross, with pin- nacled spire. The drawings on stone are loose and sketchy, and owe most of their effect to the neutral tint with its graduated lights; the management of which is very creditable to the lithographer, Mr. Nicnor., of Edinburgh.] Alfred Bonn, Esq. Drawn on stone by R. J. LANE, A.R.A. [A cleverly-flattered likeness of the great Ex-Manager, in his most engaging aspect ; furred and frogged in a fashion that might have satisfied GEORGE the Fourth himself, whose costume is emulated, even to the set of the hair. The drawing is in a freer style than Mr. LANE'S other theatrical portraits.] The Ornamental Designs of Watteau. Lithographed by W. NICHOL. Nos.

VII. and VIII.

Canadian Scenery illustrated. From Drawings by W. II. BARTLETT. Part VII.

A Series of Anatomical Phdes. Edited by JONES QUA'S, M.D., and W. J. E. WILSON. Fasciculus LXXXIII.

Pictorial Edition of Shakspere. Part King Richard III." Pictorial History of England. Part XLIII.

Pietorial History of Palestine. By the Editor of "The Pictorial Bible." Part XIII.

Heath's Waverley Gallery. Part VI.


An Appea/ to the Government and People of Great Britain, against the proposed Niger Expedition : a Letter addressed to Lord John Russell, Priam:11 Secretary of State for the Colonies, &c. By RouErtr j AMIE SON, Esq.

Abridgment qf Sir T. Ewell Buxton's Work on the African Slave-Trade and its Remedy. With immi explanatory Preface and an Appendix. (Published under the sanction of the Society for the Extinction of the Slave-trade and for the Civilization of Africa.) Chapter on Duelling, by One of the People called Cbritions. Re- printed from Eraser s 34v:int. for May I.S.a) ; with alterations and additions.

"Merin/ism in Religimt; or Religious Forms and Theological Formulas. Three Lectures, delivered at the Chapel in South Place, Finsbury. By PHILIP HARWOOD.

A Letter to the Shareholders of the Southampton Railway ; on the practi- cability and expediency of carrying merchandise by horse-power, without impeding the present arrangements of the steam locomotive passenger trains. 13y HENRI. PAIRDAIRN.

A Word to the Manoliieturers of Great Britain on the Prospects of the l'otton-trade. 13y ..A.MICES