5 SEPTEMBER 1840, Page 2

'ark gliletropolfs.

The absence of Prince Albert from the banquet at the Mat6, house, which was provided expressly on his account, has giv dissatisfaction in the City ; which the lame excuse offered by the of Cambridge, that the Prince and the Queen were "somehow or rfhe very fond of each other's society," has not tended to remove. thought, indeed, by the Prince's advisers, that something more till; verbal apology was necessary ; and on the evening of the same eay-K following letter was accordingly sent to the Lord Mayor from p'.."`

- noce Albert's Secretary-- - noce Albert's Secretary-- " Buckingham Palace, 2811, August I a " My tlear Lord—I have received the command of his Royal !Egli Albert, to repeat to you the very great regret with which lie felt himself:

0Z decline your hospitality this day ; and begs you to appreciate the trite mightiest-7 cocy, which he felt impenstively bound to yield to, and to give up what, undei circumstances, would have given him so much pleasure. As his Royal Gloine1,1 hoped once more at that dinner to have had an opportunity or expressing the p.60 Hon which ho had derived from his visit to the City, he has commanded me to tot, this means of conveying it to you, and through you to others ; and his 1toya1111005 trusts that at some future time he may have that pleasure which he was

obliged to forego.

" 1 have the honour to be, my dear Lord, yours very faithfully, "Ore, know:, This letter, it will be perceived, throws no light on the matter; 15,,

are still left in the dark as to the nature of the "true motives of deli. eacy which he felt himself imperatively bound to yield to," and wind the Lord Mayor, without knowing, is requested to appreciate.

Mr. Falconer has been appointed the Revising Barrister for the le. roughs of Finsbury, Tower Hamlets, and Mary lebone ; and holds his first court on the 15th September, in Finsbury.

Mr. Grove, the Worship Street Magistrate, has been appointed tn the new Police Court at Greenwich, and will proceed in about a fin. night to execute the duties of that office. It is expected that he vil

be succeeded at Worship Street either by Mr. Maltby or by Mr. Biog. ham, one of the present Magistrates of Lambeth Street Police Cent, —Morning Chronicle.

At a meeting held on Tuesday night at the George Tavern, Si, George's in the East, an Anti-Church-rate Society was formed, whin it was agreed should be called "The Society of the Associated Rae. payers of St. George, Middlesex, and its vicinity, flir the purposed watching over and protecting the interests of the parish, and preventiog a wasteful expenditure of the parish-funds."

The London Assurance Corporation and the Royal Exchange Al. surance Corporation have generously given a donation of twenty.five guineas each to the Shipwrecked Fishermen and Mariners' Benevolent Society.

Bartholomew Fair commenced on Thursday morning, but wallet; any of the noise and bustle of former years. The fair was proclaimed at twelve o'clock ; not, however, with the usual form of the Lord Mayer coming in state, but in a private manner. There are a few booths erected for the exhibition of wild beasts, but no show for theatrical performances or singing and dancing is allowed. The stalls are very few in number.

There was a review at 'Woolwich on Saturday, at which the Dukeof Cambridge was present. The Artillery corps performed a variety oi manoeuvres; after which, his Royal Highness visited the mortar.bat. teries ; where the first round was fired by the gentlemen cadets of the Royal Military Academy, and showed the excellence of their practice.

Major Colquhoun's company, recently returned from Spain, vent € through the whole of the mortar and howitzer practice in a most i scientific manner, concluding with the salvo. A guard of honour, commanded by Major Sweeting and Lieutenants Gambier and Fyers, accompanied by the band of the Royal Artillery, attended his Royal Highness to the front of the splendid mess-room, in the interior of which the officers had prepared a dfijeuner a la fourchette. The whole of the party afterwards proceeded to the Royal Arsenal ; where his Royal Highness was shown Napier's invention for making balls by pressure ; and, having expended a few minutes in the laboratory, his Royal Highness was gratified by witnessing gun, rocket, and ricochet practice in the Marshes. At six o'clock, the exercises were discon- tinued ; when his Royal Highness accompanied Lord Illoomfieldto lilt residence in the Royal Arsenal to dinner.

The ship of the line London, of 92 guns, is ordered to be launched, at Woolwich, on Monday the 28th. The stem, which was originally constructed after a plan of the late Sir R. Seppings, has been removed, and replaced by one designed by Mr. Fincham, the present master shipwright of the Chatham Yard. The following are the dimensions of the London—extreme length 242 feet, extreme breadth 54 feet 3 inches, length of lower deck 205 feet, depth of hold 23 feet, tonnage 2,598 tons.