5 SEPTEMBER 1840, Page 4


The Ear4f Charlemont has accepted the office of President of the Ulster Constitutional Association.

The General Committee of the Ulster Constitutional Association held a meeting at Belfast on Thursday week ; when a Sub-Committee of Registration was appointed for the purpose of promoting the more effectual registration of voters. Another Sub-Committee was also ap- pointed for the purpose of preparing

"a statement of the objectionable provisions of the Registration and Election Laws at present in force in the United Kingdom; and especially to suggest such alterations and amendments in those laws, regarding Ireland, as would tend to prevent fraud and corruption, and confer a more extensive fran- chise, with a greater facility of obtaining it ; and, finally, to suggest measures for defeating any bill similar to that introduced by Lord Stanley."

The Committee then adjourned for a week ; after appointing the 1st Of October for the next general meeting of the Association.