5 SEPTEMBER 1840, Page 9

Accounts have been received from Valencia to the 26th August,

which throw some light on the proceedings of the Queen Regent ; and of her reception by the people. It would appear that when the Queen found herself free from the control of Espartero, who espouses the cause of the Corporations, she took into her confidence General O'Donnell, a known defender of the Royal prerogative. The Queen having refused to suspend the execution of the Municipality-law, the newly-appointed Ministers for Foreign Affairs and the Interior, Senors Onis and Cabello, who were appointed by the influence of Espartero, immediately re- signed ; and it is said that the break-up of the Cabinet is complete. This makes the fourth " Ministerial crisis" within a month. The disturbances in Valencia on the night of the Queen's arrival are thus explained in a letter from Valencia. The Moderate party, who ap- proved of the Queen's conduct, feeling indignant that no preparation had been made by the corporate authorities to receive her Majesty, de- termined to make up for this want of loyalty by serenading her in the evening. The musicians had taken their places, and were about to begin, when the Exaltado party rushed upon them, and the musicians were compelled to flee. General O'Donnell ordered out the troops, and cleared the streets ; but no lives were sacrificed. The state of siege, proclaimed at Barcelona on the 22d July, was raised by Espartero on the 26th of A Itaust.