5 SEPTEMBER 1840, Page 9


Arri% ,•,1-- in r;rv..,..ml, S,1.i 1,t, AI. from shae,ien..; Cut, caurier. Seota, roeo td.• tee,.e; tO. taatoade, tteeen; :e.a a. aloha...en, ataoard, from sin- eaptne; zoot Fleetto,ed. simp-ou, 11,on from the Cape; mat chostina, 11,11, from SO,Iluoro. 1).•11. :Li, Atistilk. from Mauri- tius; mail Adelaide, Ile■,,Ion, 11%1111 V.111 1):,111t.i. I. Intl. !It Liverpool, Aug. 30112.

11111(11.)u, I11.orsoa; and NVInderatere, 11ross.11, frt.:a Benol ; 11,hv :Slaleau, (handy;

City of Poenah. Wilson; and Mary, M'Auley, from Bombay. At St. Helena. July nth. Lady Rowena, Clayton; and M. S. Elphinstone, —. from Bombay ; and Iris. Fisher, from Mauritius; 113th. Buckinghambire, Moore; General Palmer, Eliot; and Parktield. Whitesid,s. from Ilombay. At the Mauritius. May 21tls. Nautilus. Hughes; and 29th. Swallow, Withyeombe, from Loudon. At New South Wales, April 30th. Crest. Wharton; and Woodman. Good, from London. Salkit—From Gravesend, Aug.1 lt Thomas (Vans. Warner and Sir E. Paget, Campbell, for lianbay. Fr.mt Liverpool, Aug. 29th, Tapley, Mallory, hir Bengal ; and Sept. 1st, Emery, Young, for Bombay.