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Srocx ExctrAxas, Fatroor Arrsasootr.

Money has been rather in demand dorina the early part of the week, but

became more plentiful yesterday afternoon, in cousequence of the appearance of the usual quarterly notice by the Bank of England. It was believed that the Bank Loans would have been confine,t entirely to bills of exchange; but the terms of the notice admitting of the deposit of Exchequer Bills and. India Bonds as securities for advalleca, it trill be seen that the facilities offered on this occasion Mr as extensive ad they have ever been. Tile following is a copy of the paper iu question-

" Bank of England, 3,1 September 1840. "The G .vernor awl Company of the Itank England are ready 11,1111 further notice. to revels e 01.010111011S fur loans upon the dep,it er pr,,' ,•1 bills of exchange, not having more than six an,n1lis to : Bills :1;1,1 East India Bonds; such

loans to rep .,i.1 on or berore the 21st (.M..1,-1- •xt, wi•h intei,•st at the rate 0151. per eeot. PIT ill,i1luI, ili to be forsnms of but kss t):112,1j1111.

There has noh been much doing in the English Funds, and till yesterday the price had fluctuated between 90 and 90.1. An impulse was then given to the market, by the purchases of several brokers who are known to act for foreign speculators : there were consequently buyers for Account at 90% at the close of husiliess yesterday, with every el.pe:-..anee of a further improvement. It was generaliy surmised from the purehasys just noticed, that a considerable itnprovement had taken place in the French Funds on Wednesday ; but when the prices given in the newspapers of this learning only showed an advance of a per emu., the appearance of our market completely changed. The opening price tra, 994 for Aecount, and S911, tar Money. A rumour has prevailed of a revolutionary Inurement having occurred in Brussels; and as several sales of Stock have been made, the price has declined per cent., and closes at S9i 8 for Money, and 89.; 90 for Account. We have little doubt that the revolutionary movement will turin out to be an exaggeration of some popular tumult on the occasion of the Ctes in honour of the anniversary of the Belgian Revolution ; but the decline in the Belgian Stock, nuf -ed. hereafter, has its origin in a fall of 3 per cent, in the price of Stuck in the Rome market. It will be seen from our quotetians that the difference between the ',rice of Consols for Money anti that for the Account has decreased, and I;: 'teal of being, as it was last week, 1 per cent , is now only this Les arisen entirely from the greater plenty of money, and not from any extemdre money Purchases; the business having, as we have before olrerved, been very limited. The premium upon Exchequer Bills has flom the same Cause experienced a momentary improvement to-day ; and small bills, which usually sell higher than those of 1,0o0/. and 5001., have been done at 204. prem. A sale by the broker who acts for tine Scotch Banks has depressed these securities re Ain ; nod the large bills have been done at lGs. Bank Stock lies been at 169 and I 69lj for Money ; rind one bargain has occurred. at 170 for the October Account. India Stock has been steady at 249 and 2491-. The books of the various Soieks, the dividends upon whielt become due in October neat, have all closed ia the course of the present week. We subjoin a list of the 11;1:,'S upon whIelt caelt Stoat, clescd, and times upon which busi- ness will rse,eomence.

F:27;r1. trod: Qt,e'• Tbarsday 34 Sept. Friday °1:16.74iti Oct. Tim,. I.,, l• t.!,•..t. Beate Aonuitie, . 41:1h

Three ties Three•alci :1 hair per Ccat Annuities, 1811 Loa; A atinit:e • ..9111 Aug Atnotb:e.., T, . Y:rIrS 16111. Sin S.•pt

Old 8,.)1111 Sun .'tnniinis's lilt The Foreign Market was in as tranquil a state as the English ; very little having been doae in it till yesterday, w11,11 a few transactions occurred in Spanish Son!:. The report relative to 11,:l.elam has to-day induced many speculetive aalea or Stock, especially Dal oh and Eelgian Bonds; the latter have decliood materially, and after bein.: at 100 and 101, have been offered at 99; while Dutch, which was yesterday at 52, have hem offered at 513. Rus- sian Banda ma not much collected, heirg :looted at 112 to 113 ex. dividend. Danish 0150 0'. • !' Fin at 75 79. Tile &Clue of Spanish Active Stock in Paris, cull p. d 5 1 I unfavourable nature i im intehieence received from the Pe/tie...La ;:aciaa.iticed a consideraide diTre.,,ion in the Bonds; and a decline of 1 pd cit. jr :u oar last mice ha, occurred. the quotation of Active Stock on 11,ilnes,:ly having hem ai low a, 24?; : a slight rcaction to 24a occurred, at which price it -renal at the oponii,g of the market yesterday morning : a pur- chase of 20,000/. at 24j, width nits lidio wed up hy others at the same quotation and at 21, plve an inird.s.• to pri,N•, and the closing 'mutation was 241j . 1 he ma rk,t wu, firm at the op. id this. morniog, and for a short time there were buyers at :244; but the deelina of CiAlsols produced its usual effect upon this seemity, end the price fell to : it has rioce rii.eu to 241 and closes h. at 2Vi There has beee but little doing in Portuguese Securities; which have been steady durieg the whole week at the quotat:olo‘ of Monday; the Five per Cents. at ;14 to !=,, mid the Three per Cents. at South .:1.merican Securities are much demess..1, with little doing; though prices are front tu 1 per cent, below our last.

An interview has been appointed for to.day la:tween the Committee of Spa-

nish Bondholders and the Count 00 LARA, an agent of the Government at Madrid : it is stated that the Count is the lkarer of some proposition for the arrangement of the elaitns of the Bondholdere ; but, tie We have not beets informed of its nature front any authentic source, we fordear to give the many versions of it that are afloat. We fear, however, that it is coupled with an immediate zulvauce of money to the Government, in some shape or other; and curse ptently is not of a very advantageous character.

The unIv change in the Railway Shares i,as been ia the South Western, which have improved about 2/. per Share.

TW,71.,1•1 o'Cr.ocg.. There has been but little doing this otornin7. nod the peicea of cr,.r..• descrip- tion both of Foreign and English Stock are the same as ■ e,terday.

1,..r Consots

Ditto lor Aeeount ' , •••‘ Ilelei ui :I per ('.'iii,

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99 100 1:14,- 41

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