5 SEPTEMBER 1885, Page 1

Mr. Chamberlain's organ in Birmingham, the Birmingham Poet, is very

angry with Lord Hartington for condemning free education, graduated taxation, and the proposal that Local Government Boards may acquire land (under sufficient safe- guards) for the purpose of division into small holdings. If the Whigs really intend to exclude such proposals, the result would be a divided party, a diminished majority, a brief and troubled Parliament, an appeal to the country, and the triumph of the

Radicals. All that strikes us as prophetic rather than practical. Are the extreme Radicals willing, in the face of this serious con- troversy with Mr. Parnell, to agree to do what all Liberals wish, and to waive what only some wish, or are they not P If not, a divided party, a brief and troubled Parliament, and a subsequent appeal to the country are foregone conclusions ; but with what result is very doubtful. Our own impression is that the result would be taken simply on the question of dissolution of the 'Union, and would visit the people's displeasure on the factions Liberals.