5 SEPTEMBER 1885, Page 2

The Government have instituted a prosecution against Rebecca Jarrett, Mr.

Stead of the Pall Mall Gazette, Mr. Jacques, and others, for the abduction of Eliza Armstrong. The case will come on on Monday, when Mr. Stead, who was in Switzerland last Wednesday, will appear in person to answer for the proceedings of his Secret Commission, of which it now appears that he was himself the chief. We have no doubt that he will show that in breaking the law he was animated by a very

sincere desire to strengthen the law against those who break it in the same way, but with different and much worse motives. Nevertheless, that will hardly suffice to justify an act unlawful in itself, and more than unlawful if Eliza Armstrong's parents can be shown to be sincere in their profession of complete ignorance as to *hat was to become of their child, and of real affection for her. A stop must be put to sham crimes, even -though committed with the view of preventing true ones.