6 APRIL 1867, Page 22

Benedicite ; or, the Song of the Three Children. By

G. Chaplin Child, M.D. Two vols. (Murray.)—At first sight this seems rather a strange idea, and if it was worked out in the manner natural to so many preachers, it would be tedious as welL Bat Dr. Child has made an excellent book out of materials which seem almost too good not to be wasted. In order to show "God magnified in His works" he has taken the pains to study the works of God. Instead of writing about those works in a style of flabby declamation, he has entered into them fully, and at the same time simply. His separate chapters are in themselves popular guides to various branches of science. Yet they are also some- thing higher. They give us a truer insight into the magnificent psalm on which they form a commentary. Surely that song ought to remind us that Schiller's protest in The Gods of Greece is aimed against a materialistic philosophy; not against the religion which calls on the sun and moon, the stars of heaven, the changing seasons, the waters above the firmament, and all the works of the Lord to praise their Creator.