6 APRIL 1867, Page 22

The Song of Rest, and Minor Poems, by Alexander Winton

Buchan (Whittaker) ; Percy Villiers, and Other Poems, by John Newlands, formerly a volunteer under General Garibaldi (A. W. Bennett) ; Meg Soupirs—Italian Dreams—Mirrors and Gleams, by Seymour Pechell (Pitman); The Golden lAople, or the Leaflets of Life, by R. St. John Corbet (A. W. Bennett.) — The only one of these books of verse which we can recommend is the last, and that is only for the admirable photographs which illustrate it. /sir. Buchan is smooth and regular, Mr. Newlands has imitated Byron to no purpose, and Mr. Pechell is a follower of nobody, because no one could be found for his leader.