6 APRIL 1934, Page 16


Green Englana

How sweet the return to England after travel, however lovely the alien lands I The grass is the crowning pleasure,

at least to tired eyes. I seldom saw flowers more beautifully placed than on the top of Mount Carmel, where cyclamen grew from the side of stones with a naturalness unknown to Chelsea, and long-stemmed anemones thrust their scarlet heads through the low needles of the maritime pine. But the land is arid and the evergreen a little funereal. Nowhere is there a tree among those which we call evergreen that can compare either with the evergreen that is grass or the deci- duous tree or bush. The whole island is a garden, where, as in few other lands, you may live " Annihilating all that's made To a green thought in a green shade " though all the boughs are bare. How very far, physically at any rate, is "England's green and pleasant land" from Jerusalem. *