6 APRIL 1934, Page 16

Flowers in Literature

A charming article appeared some months ago in the Cornhill on flowers in literature ; and all who are interested will delight to know that Mr. Vernon Rendall (an editor of the Athenaeum) was then publishing only chips from his workshop. A complete book, Wild Flowers in Literature (The Scholartis Press, 12s. 6d.) is now issued. It is a marvel of eclectic learning and delightfully written as well as selected. It is even humorous ; and on almost every page recalls often forgotten lines from the best literature, Greek, Latin, and above all, English. The fifty-eight chapters are each con- cerned with a particular flower or pair of flowers. It will certainly, as the author hopes, help many, whether they do or do not go botanizing, to find a distant dearness in the hill, a secret sweetness in the stream.