6 APRIL 1934, Page 16

Returned Exiles The record of the Norfolk Naturalists' Committee (to

which reference was made last week) is particularly welcome if only for the hope it gives that several species which had virtually disappeared are returning and will return to nest or remain through winter months. Beside the glorious suc- cession of sanctuaries, especially Scolt Head, Blakeney and Cley, there are a great number of private sanctuaries and ever more watchers (headed by Major Buxton) who are alert to encourage protection, and indeed to hunt down such marauders as the egg-collector. The zeal is contagious. Both bittern and harrier have multiplied, near Melding as throughout the Horsey area, partly through the co-operation of farmers and others living near the sanctuaries. The game of protection begins to compete with the older game of