6 AUGUST 1870, Page 15


" Louis has had his baptism of fire."—Emperor's Telegram.

"How jolly, Papa! how funny ! How the blue men tumble about ! Hama! there's a fellow's head off,-- How the pretty red blood spouts out.

And look, what a jolly bonfire ! Wants nothing but coloured light ; Oh, Papa! burn a lot of cities, And burn the next one at night."

"Yea, child, 'tis operatic, But don't forget, in your glee,

For your sake this play is playing,—

That you may be worthy me.

They baptized you in Jordan water,— Baptized as a Christian, I mean ; But you come of the race of Ca3sar, And thus have their baptisms been.

Baptized in true Cmsar fashion,

And your water its widows' tears." W.