6 AUGUST 1870, Page 2

Mr. Childers on the same day gave a most satisfactory

account of the Fleet, which appears to be admitted on all hands as correct. 1Ve have 40 ironclads, all of great, and some of tremendous power, and carrying 546 guns of seven tons and upwards ; while France has 31 ironclads with 283 heavy guns. We have 43,000 men available, besides the Coastguard and the Reserve, an unusually large stock of coal in the depots abroad, and the stores are adequate for any service. Moreover, we have 16 ironclads at this moment exercising in the Channel, and a strong fleet in the Mediterranean, which has been ordered to exercise with the Channel Fleet. "I, as responsible for the state of the Navy, am able to inform the House that it is in a most satisfactory condition."