6 AUGUST 1870, Page 2

The evacuation of Rome is being rapidly carried out, and

within the coming week the last French soldier will have quitted Italy. The terms of the evacuation are still uncertain, but according to most trustworthy accounts the Italian Government will protect the frontier against Garibaldian bands, and only enter Rome should the Papal troops be defeated by an internal rising. This is not improbable, as those troops themselves are disorganized by the war, the French and German Papalini, though agreed as to the politics of Heaven, differing—with bayonets—as to the politics of earth. It is rumoured that volunteers are being levied for the ezneute in Rome, which will commence at Viterbo, and also alleged that the Pope has intimated that he must come to some agree- ment with Italy. Such an agreement is conceivable, as the Italians will hardly now move their capital, and as the Church, though unable to agree to the seizure of its territory, has never professed inability to yield toforce nzajeure. Some compromise, such Bean hereditary Patriciat for the King, with full civil and military dominion, may, perchance, meet the necessities of the hour. The Ultramontanes are entirely French in the war, but the Papacy has as yet delivered no official utterance. There is not much faith and very little morality in the war, and Pio Nono therefore is capable of making a mistake.